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Rosa Mediavilla is a Chemical Engineer from the University of Cantabria (Spain), where she also finished her PhD in Chemical Engineering and Processes in 2011. Since that, she has been working for Borregaard as an R&D researcher in ceramics, driving the Borregaard’s ceramic lab, in which it is possible to reproduce decorative and structural processes and to evaluate the performance of many different additives over several types of clays. She works closely with the Ceramic Application Managers in Borregaard to develop new additives to improve ceramic processes.

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How to overcome challenging extrusions

By Rosa Mediavilla 27-Jul-2020 07:30:00

Extrusion is a common process used to manufacture different types of ceramic products, for example, face bricks, ventilated walls, floor tiles, special shaped products and many others. Several parameters affect the operation of the extrusion. These parameters include the nature of the raw materials, their particle size, and their plastic behavior, the water content and the additives you use.

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Temaer: Structural, Plasticity, Drying, extrusion


By Rosa Mediavilla 13-Jun-2019 08:00:00

A tile’s strength is a numerical representation of how much weight the tile can support before breaking. The results are expressed in N and they may be converted into kg/cm2 using the dimensions of each tile. We are going to go over some methods that can be used to determine a tile’s strength.  

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Temaer: Decorative, dry strength

Different methods for plasticity measurement of a ceramic material

By Rosa Mediavilla 27-Jul-2017 07:33:00

Plasticity is the characteristic behaviour of a ceramic material to become permanently deformed after the application of an external force. This property is the most characteristic one in clays, and there are some factors that influence the plasticity and they should be considered in plasticity measurements:

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Temaer: Structural, Decorative, Plasticity

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