As you know, February is a key month for ceramics in Spain. This year both Cevisama and Qualicer took place and we could foresee what the future of ceramics will look like. Like the previous years, large sizes and high definition printing continue to reign. However we could also see a growing concern towards more sustainable ceramics and the first steps towards the famous Industry 4.0. So, what are the main trends we could see there?

Large sizes: OUR REALITY

Large and thin tiles are definitely a reality for ceramic tile manufacturers and we can see that they are more and more used everyday. We are seeing their use not only in floors, but also walls, and even as tables or hotel counters. The production process itself has become more effective with the use of advanced machinery and modified clay additives, which we have talked about in other articles.

large tiles


We could start to see some peaks of this tren in previous years, but this year we could really feel that tiles can be used anywhere! Tile producers are becoming very creative as to where to use decorative ceramics. Now tiles are not only used to dress-up walls and floors in the bathroom, but there are so many other original  places where we can find decorative tiles.

large tiles used as table

360º Ceramic kitchens

Kitchens look a lot different than what they used to. We could see ceramics used in traditional ways in walls and floors, but also as huge, long countertops where chefs were cutting vegetables and meat right on top of them – no need to use a cutting board anymore! However, the most striking thing we saw were the induction cooktops integrated inside the actual ceramic slab. It is aesthetically very clean and so practical! We loved it

.tile kitchen countertop


Pools are not blue

Pools are not made out of blue gresite tiles anymore, Today we can see pools made out of all types of materials, that can be mixed and matched in so many ways. Imagine a pool made completely out of medium-sized white tiles, surrounded by wood-imitation anti-slip tiles for the flooring and more tiles in the walls of the porch of your dream house. 

ceramic terrace and pool


Bathrooms are trendy

Ceramics have always been used in bathrooms in tiles and sanitary ware, but we saw that they are being used in more innovative ways to create beautiful trendy bathrooms. We saw from really small tiles and mosaic style for walls to large granite-imitating pieces for showers. Matte sanitary ware is becoming a big thing and we think we will see more of this in the coming years.

    tiles in bathrooms ceramic sinks

Super high definition printing

One of the things that we have been more struck about is the quality of the printing. We have seen an incredible improvement in this area. High definition printing is used to create more “artistic” wall and floor tiles and also to imitate stone, wood and more natural materials, creating incredible pieces that you wouldn't think they are printed until you actually touch them. Also, more sustainable water-based inks are coming into scene and we think that this will develop further in the coming years.

digital printed tiles

digital printing

ENVIRONMENTALly friendly ceramics

As we mentioned,especially in the field of printing we are seeing a transition from oil-based to more sustainable materials. But there are other areas where we see increasing efforts towards environmentally friendly alternatives. There is a trend to make more sustainable tiles to reduce CO2 emissions to avoid energy costs and according to the experts, more efficient kilns are key to acheive the targets set. Also, the use of more sustainable additives that reduced the use of oil-based chemicals, would help us reduce our contribution to global warming.


Full integration along manufacturing and sales processes has been one of the main market demands for decades. Process are now automated and completely integrated to provide customers with the best product possible.

Digitalization is not only affecting to process control and integration, but it is also affecting to the way design and marketing. High Definition printing heads make it possible to make incredible mural designs and nature immitations and new digital technologies are implemented in websites to create your own space so you can imagine how your kitchen will look like using that specific brand's tiles. 

These are some of the trends we found interesting. What do you think? Would you add anything else? We are happy to hear about your experience. So if you have any comment or question click on the button below!


*Images courtesy of Feria Valencia - Cevisama 2020