Last week we were lucky enough to visit one of the most important ceramic events in Spain, Cevisama, where we could foresee what the future of ceramics will look like. During 5 days, manufacturers exhibit their products, where large sizes and high definition printing continue to reign. So, what are the main trends we could see there?

Large sizes

We have been talking about big slabs and large sizes for a while now. Large and thin tiles are definitely already a reality. Manufacturers continue to put lots of efforts to produce this type of tiles. We are seeing their use not only in floors, but also walls, and even as tables or hotel counters. The production process itself has become more effective with the use of advanced machinery and modified clay additives, which we have talked about in other articles.

big tiles

New uses for ceramics

This has been one of the major advances we have witnessed during the exhibition and, personally, one of the things that I have liked the most. We have realized that manufacturers are becoming more and more creative as to where to use decorative ceramics. Now we can see tiles not only in walls and floors in the bathroom, but also as kitchen countertops, baths and sinks, tables, and infinity pools, amongst other uses.

big slabs used in tables


Kitchens look a lot different than what they used to. We could see ceramics used in traditional ways in walls and floors, but also as huge, long countertops where chefs were cutting vegetables and meets right on top of them – no need to use a cutting board anymore! However, the most striking thing we saw were the induction cooktops integrated inside the actual ceramic slab. It is aesthetically very clean and so practical! We loved it

.ceramic sinkvitroceramic hob


Another idea present during the exhibition was that of ceramics being used in pools and terraces. Infinity pools will be finished with nice ceramic tiles or anti-slip ceramic bodies. This use will give us the chance to create spaces like the ones below.

ceramic terrace


Ceramics have always been used in bathrooms in tiles and sanitary ware. The innovation we saw here is that today, really small tiles and mosaic style is being used. We also saw that matte sanitary ware is becoming a big trend we will see more of this in the coming years in interior design magazines.

    matte bathtub bathroom with tiles

Super high definition printing

One of the things that we have been more struck about is the quality of the printing. We have seen an incredible improvement in this area. High definition printing is used to create more “artistic” wall and floor tiles (nearly looking like paintings!) and also to imitate stone, creating pieces that you wouldn't think they are printed until you actually touch them.

ceramic 3D printing-1

high definition printing flamingo

These are some of the trends we found interesting. What do you think? Would you add anything else? We are happy to hear about your experience. So if you have any comment or question click on the button below!