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Welcome to the blog, brought to you by Borregaard. This is your weekly update on ceramic manufacturing tips and trends. With this blog we aim to share our knowledge regarding ceramic process optimization. Here you will find articles that will help you solve the issues you might find during your production process, as well as keeping you informed about some of the trends, curiosities and latest news in the ceramic world. 

After years of experience in the ceramic market and driven by our customer's needs we will share articles on: 

  • Wall and floor tile production
  • Brick and roof tile production
  • Refractory ceramics
  • Technical ceramics

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We will talk about new tools and technology being developed in order to improve ceramic processes. The blog will also contain case studies and extensive information on ceramics that we believe will be very useful to you, whether you are a senior executive, in production management, in quality control or simply a curious mind. 

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