One of the most frequently asked questions we get is where to introduce the clay additive during the manufacturing process. This month we will recommend you where to place your conditioner. 

We have writen blog articles about the benefits of using ceramic additives in your production or even using clay conditioners to optimize the drying of bricks, but do we know where to add these additives?

Ideally, the most suitable place for the addition of an additive would be just after grinding stage, more precisely just after sieving area. Typically, our additives can be added there, on its way to the temporary storage tanks, just before being spray dried. Additives can be powder or liquid and this will affect where you should use them, as well as the process you use for the manufacturing of your bricks or tiles.

We recommend to ask an expert and he or she will suggest you the best way to use additives in your production.

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