Tile sizes have been increasing lately not only because large tiles have become a trend, also because of the improvement in the technology that allows to make these tiles. In some of our blog posts we already talked about trends in the market and about avoiding breakage in large tiles but, how big can a tile reach to be?


We have some customers using Laminam TM/ Continua TM processes, by which 1800x3600 mm can be reached. New developments in machinery and other equipment will allow even bigger sizes. In case of using standard hydraulic presses, 1600x1200 mm are feasible. However, in trade fairs and exibitions we have been able to see tiles reaching up to 1600x4800 mm. Of course, use of additives is highly recommended when manufacturing such big tiles, as quality will be secured in higher rates. As you will know, thickness will vary depending on the size of the tile, but with the right process and the right conditioners large tile manufacturing with a low breakage rate can be experienced.

 large tiles.jpg

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