This month we will focus on the importance of testing and measuring results to optimize production. Both on small and large scale, measuring and analyzing results will definitely help you increase your production efficiency.

Last month we talked about what tools we could use. This month is all about different tests that can be carried out and the importance of technical support. This is a topic we have talked about several times in our blog and we have gone over different things we can measure and improve to optimize your production rate or even reduce your production costs.  

From actions such as improving plasticity to others like generally optimizing the process, we have written about different things that can be done to achieve optimum results. Usually, having control over the following can make a big difference on your production efficiency:

This month we will specifically go over some different tests we can carry out at a lab scale to determine the dry strength of tile compositions and we will give a general overview of technical aspects we can and should look at with experts at a plant scale trial such as temperature, clays, throughput, etc.

It is important to always get advice from the most experienced specialists. In Borregaard BioKeram, we have a team of dedicated experts that will always provide your company with the best support and recommendation. Any question about your specific process that you would like us to help you with? Click below and our experts will answer.