Clay conditioners can bring several benefits to your production process, but how can you measure effectively its effects on your specific process? We have asked this question to our R&D experts in the ceramic lab and this is what they have answered.

"The most evident advantage of using clay conditioners is the strength increase, particularly that of dry pieces. We can see this effect on both structural bricks as well as decorative tiles. The most obvious outcome of a stronger tile/brick is the reduction of breakage in production. Strength increase can be assessed by three-point flexural test technique, where the modulus of rupture (MOR) can be quantitatively determined.

Additionally, we also found that using additives also provide a lubrication effect. This will be shown, for example, when the pieces are extruded. To measure this, we check the amperage during extrusion and if the product is working correclty we see that amperage will be reduced, and the cracks of pieces will disappear."

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