There is a wide variety of conditioners available in the market, but it's not always easy to find the right one for your clay specifications. Our technicians have experimented with different products and clays and they have a few comments to make.

It is an obvoius statement to say that depending on your objective, one additive will work better than another. Our products are commonly used in specific applications to solve, in many cases, more than one problem at a time.

For example, some products are recommended to improve strength of dry pieces while removing scumming and cracks. You can ask our experts and they will suggest a solution-oriented product to specifically target your requirements.

Additionally, in a fully-equipped ceramic lab (press, extruder, flexural strength tester, kiln, etc.) you should carry out specific lab tests with your material, evaluating the performance of different products, to find the most suited one and the optimum dosage. We can help you with that, so if you want to ask to carry out a test in our lab, click here."

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