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Miguel Ten is Technical Application Manager Ceramics for Borregaard. He holds a degree in chemistry from the University of Zaragoza specializing in organic chemistry. He has been working in the ceramics sector since 1997. Mainly focused in decorative and heavy clay industries, but has also been closely related to refractories and additives businesses. He has written some articles for technical magazines like "Ceramic World Review", "Brick World Review", "Técnica Cerámica" and "Cerámica Información". Send Mail

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How to improve Lubrication of the molds during your ceramic process

By Miguel Ten 28-Sep-2017 07:30:00

The pressing stage is one of the most demanding in the production of ceramic bodies. Therefore, gaining any improvements here is directly translated into savings along the production process. These improvements will help to optimize the total costs of the manufactured products by reducing losses whilst improving the quality of the shaped materials.

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Temaer: Decorative, Plasticity, Refractory, lubrication

Reduction of plastic clays usage on the production of tiles - is it possible?

By Miguel Ten 10-Aug-2017 07:30:00

One of the main challenges of the Ceramic Industry is related to the lack of good quality plastic clays. Though there are many reliable sources, its cost is banning industrial usages, especially in a moment when tiles are becoming larger and larger. Furthermore, if we consider how market is moving towards higher performance requirements, this situation is not showing any ways of changing

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Temaer: Decorative, Plasticity

Clay formulation improvement for a better decorative tile production

By Miguel Ten 13-Jul-2017 07:30:00

Clay body formulation has been in a continuous evolution since the modern-day tile industry trended towards large and more aesthetic in appearance. This evolution is calling for adjustments to achieve required performances whilst optimizing production costs.

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Temaer: Decorative, large tiles, raw materials, Clay additives

Decorative tiles from low plasticity clays: How to overcome challenges and keep high quality?

By Miguel Ten 15-Jun-2017 07:30:00

The clay does not last forever and, with limited deposits and high market demands, the best clay is very expensive. Add to that the conflict in Crimea, where the Russian occupation has choked the supply of cheap Ukrainian high-quality clay, and you face a situation where lack of supply has caused the raw material prices to increase five times since the manufacturers started using it. This is, of course, critical for the industry, but the forward leaning manufacturers go looking for alternative sources.

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Temaer: Decorative, large tiles, Plasticity, case study

4 cost effective ways to improve Ceramic Green Strength

By Miguel Ten 30-May-2017 10:55:00

Having a less fragile clay body after the tile is pressed is not only down to buying expensive high plasticity clay. There are workarounds to increase the Ceramic Green Strength without emptying your pockets. Read on to find a solution that fits your production.

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Temaer: Decorative, Green Strength

How to avoid tile Breakage when producing large and thin tiles

By Miguel Ten 16-May-2017 07:30:00

Market trends are not easy to predict, but sometimes they are even difficult to evaluate in hindsight. The popularity of large ceramic tiles was initially a result of creative Italian producers experimenting with their product. Why they became so popular is still subject to discussions, but their impact on the market means that manufacturers need to adjust their business models to be competitive.

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Temaer: Decorative, large tiles

How to replace Ukrainian clay in decorative tile production?

By Miguel Ten 27-Mar-2017 10:00:00

Hard trends in tile production clash with geopolitical issues when we try to explain the reasons why producers look for alternatives to Ukrainian clay these days.

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Temaer: Decorative

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